[NEW] Remember the taste of good old traditional sour plums? We have infused that nostalgic flavour into our signature ai-yu, because we are all about keeping traditions fresh!

Combined with a medley of favourite toppings, these seasonal desserts are plum-lievably and irresistibly delicious and divine

Sour Plum Ai-Yu A
Sour Plum Aiyu, Honey Popping Jelly, Kantan Jelly and Taro Balls

Sour Plum Ai-Yu B
Sour Plum Aiyu, Aloe Vera Cube, Black Pearl and Taro Balls

  • Available at all Nine Fresh outlets (except MBS), Grabfood and on Foodpanda from 16 June-15 July, while stocks last!

No Coupon/Promo code needed.
Sourced from Nine Fresh.